Lock-Jaw Pro Olympic Dumbbell or Barbell Collars 2" SOLD AS A PAIR
Lock-Jaw Pro Olympic Dumbbell or Barbell Collars 2" SOLD AS A PAIR
Lock-Jaw Pro Olympic Dumbbell or Barbell Collars 2" SOLD AS A PAIR
Lock-Jaw Pro Olympic Dumbbell or Barbell Collars 2" SOLD AS A PAIR
Lock-Jaw Pro Olympic Dumbbell or Barbell Collars 2" SOLD AS A PAIR

Lock-Jaw Pro Olympic Dumbbell or Barbell Collars 2" SOLD AS A PAIR

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Lock-Jaw Standard Olympic Collars and Lock-Jaw PRO Olympic collars are perfect for serious weightlifters and powerlifters. However they are increasingly becoming the Collar of choice for CrossFit style applications and those taking part in intensive Group physical sessions using weights.

The PRO version features a locking clip for added security during intensive physical sessions with weights. For general bench training with bars and dumbbells the Standard Olympic collars work perfectly well.

We offer a choice of Black, Blue or Red standard Olympic Collars - please select your required colour from the drop down box when making your purchase.

These Lock-Jaw collars are designed to fit Olympic Style bars, 2 inches in diameter.

They are safe for barbells and dumbbells (up to 200lb vertical capacity per collar for the 2" Olympic version)

The Lock-Jaw collar features a thick nylon frame and fully-captured pressure pads, making it the most durable resin collar available. The quick-action lever securely clamps the collar once positioned on the bar. Lock-Jaw collars will withstand the toughest environment. Innovative design, superior durability, and exceptional performance make the Lock-Jaw collar an excellent choice for any Olympic style bar.

  • Solid resin frame
  • Innovative design & look
  • Fits all Olympic barbells
  • Weighs approx 400g per set!
  • Superior durability
  • Fast locking action 
  • Will not damage plates or bars
  • 3-year unconditional warranty

Care & Maintenance:

Your Lock-Jaw collar requires no special maintenance or care. Although it is highly durable, it should be treated with care. You should not drop, throw or crush your Lock-Jaw collar. Rough handling of Lock-Jaw collars will void warranty, shorten their life, and can compromise user safety. If you should notice any of the fasteners on your collar become loose or protrude beyond the surface of the faceplate – they MUST BE TIGHTENED IMMEDIATELY using a standard #2 Square-Drive screwdriver.

Limited Liability Warranty:

AVUS DESIGN LLC products are covered by a limited liability warranty from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not apply if, in the judgment of AVUS DESIGN LLC, the product fails due to damage from shipment, handling, storage, accident, abuse or misuse, or if it has been used or maintained in a manner not conforming to product's instructions, has been modified in any way, or has a defaced or removed fastener. Repair or disassembly by anyone other than AVUS DESIGN LLC or an approved agent voids this warranty. The warranty period begins on the purchase date and lasts for 3-years. The maximum liability of AVUS DESIGN LLC is the unit product purchase price. Lifetime warranty claim is limited to direct product replacement only.

Customer must provide proof of purchase, description of complaint, the product(s) in question, name, address, phone, and email if available. AVUS DESIGN LLC or agent will only replace or issue credit after receipt of said item(s). This warranty does not apply to unreasonable use or damage. Lock-Jaw collars should not be used in platform lifting or power-style lifting. This type of use would be considered unreasonable and will void the warranty.

A Lock-Jaw collar thought to be defective or not working properly, should NEVER be used as injury may occur. A Lock-Jaw collar that is thought to be damaged should be removed from use immediately so that it cannot be used on fitness equipment. If any Lock-Jaw fails under warranty, contact your place of purchase.